People Analytics Solutions

Increase organisational performance and employee engagement

Peoplogica's suite of custom people analytics includes skills tests, psychometric assessments, sales assessments, performance review surveys, 360 degree feedback surveys, employee engagement surveys and management solutions.


PeoplogicaSkills is a web-based online skills testing tool that creates valid, job-based skills tests by combining multiple subjects and skill levels into a single skills assessment. Tests can be customised to suit particular needs and computer generated reports provide accurate results.

  • Fully customisable
  • Over 450 subjects
  • Simulation testing
  • Unique online candidate experience
  • Easy to interpret reports

Psychometric Tests

Peoplogica's suite of Psychometric assessments are fully validated and normed providing an objective and accurate measure of how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organisation. The Peoplogica assessments can be used throughout the employee life cycle for selection, on-boarding, managing and strategic workforce planning.

  • 7 fully validated and normed assessments
  • Measures Thinking Style, Behavioural Traits and Occupational Interests
  • Fit any industry or company size
  • Unique JobFit technology with custom benchmarking
  • Multiple reports for selection and development
  • Advanced leadership and team reports

MultiRater Surveys

MultiRater Surveys is a global cloud-based survey platform for the creation, development, implementation and reporting of fully customisable 180 performance reviews, 360 feedback surveys and Pulse surveys. The people analytics from MRS allow organisations to easily identify competency strengths, development areas, leadership capability and employee potential.

  • Unlimited survey subscription
  • Library of effective survey templates
  • Unique customisable survey builder
  • Online mobile friendly survey experience
  • Simple and effective report builder

Get certified - Become an expert on how to use and implement the powerful Peoplogica tests, assessments and surveys.

Peoplogica offers a fully managed end-to-end human capital program to suit all organisations.