Role Benchmark

The very first step is to create a Role Benchmark. The Benchmark will identify and quantify the critical success attributes of your proven top performing talent and will paint an accurate picture of the type of individual that will succeed in the role.

We have three ways to create Role Benchmarks

High Performers
Analysis Survey

This role may have already been benchmarked. Contact your HR team or Peoplogica Account Manager to find out more.

Position Description

The Position Description should be succinct (one page) and contain the following information:

  • Role Title
  • Brief Role Description
  • Position the Role Reports to
  • Skills/Qualifications Required
  • Critical Success Attributes
  • Principal Day-To-Day Responsibilities
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Salary Range & Benefits
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Three to six times increase in attracting high performers!

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Targeted Job Advertisements

Targeted job advertisements answer the one fundamental question candidates ask: “What’s in it for me?” These advertisements achieve outstanding results because they are more about the desired attributes required to be a future top performer. By focusing on the attributes required, the potential candidates select or deselect themselves for the role, which results in a dramatic increase in response rates of excellent candidates.


The aim of screening is to deselect applicants that do not possess the minimum required skills and knowledge and to reduce the number of applicants to a maximum of eight candidates who will be processed through to first interview.

The Screening process can be very time consuming, frustrating and full of flaws. You can easily implement a more streamlined and cost effective process to screen out applicants that do not possess the basic skills/knowledge by using an online skills testing platform, such as PeoplogicaSkills.

Learn More about Pre-Screening and Knowledge Testing

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First Interview

The first interview is not just an opportunity for the candidate to impress a potential future employer and to demonstrate that their skills, experience and knowledge matches the role requirements. It is also an opportunity for the employer to demonstrate the professionalism, ethos and culture of the organisation; both the candidate and the employer should be “selling” themselves to each other.

     First Interview
Questions Template

Assess Shortlisted Candidates

It only takes two steps to assess your candidates with our reliable and validated JobFit assessments.

  1. View our Candidate Assessment Notification Wording
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  2. Send Candidate details (Full Name, Email Address and Role) to your Peoplogica Account Manager or HR Team
Increase the success rate of selecting
future high performers by up to 300%

Final Interview

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the benefits of the Interview Guide

Final Interview

You should by now have received the Interview Guide for your shortlisted candidates. This report provides valuable information and questions on the candidate’s fit to your role, such as:

  • Measures candidates “fit” to your role
  • Identifies any barriers to success
  • Provides tailored behavioural interview questions to fully examine any potential barriers to success.

On boarding

Employee first day tips!

  • Tip 1: Consider starting your new employee on a Thursday as it will give them two days to learn a vast amount about the role and then the weekend to digest all the information.
  • Tip 2: Let your receptionist know there will be a new employee starting and fast track them to their desk and manager
  • Tip 3: Ensure there is a copy of the employee handbook available
  • Tip 4: Make sure their first week is planned out and all meetings are set up in their calendar

Employee Development

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benefits of the Coaching Reports

Employee Development

Now that you have selected the candidate who has the best fit to your role, use the Coaching/Management report, developed from the JobFit Assessment. This report provides training, coaching and mentoring suggestions that will assist you to maximise employee productivity and engagement levels.

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Ongoing Development

Coaching doesn’t stop at the on boarding stage! Make sure to constantly review the employee development plan and look for new areas to improve.

Feedback is crucial for all employees and leaders. Implementing monthly one on ones can assist managers in monitoring the wellness of their direct reports. It also allows managers to be fully informed of their team’s achievements and development areas and also help turn negatives into positives.

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